Adding a Review Badge on Your Website

Are you aware that you can showcase your raving reviews right there on your website? Display your fearlessness and confidence by presenting your reviews right on your webpage.

Why Should I Add a Badge?

  1. A badge on your own website can provide easier access for your consumers to read and write reviews.
  2. It is a phenomenal way to drive consumer traffic to your business review page (BRP) for further insight about your company free from competitive ads.
  3. Displaying the badge can illustrate that there is no manipulation in your reviews – this is real people, in real time, leaving honest feedback.

How Do I Add A Badge?


Badges give you the option to exhibit as little or as many details as you want. Keep it subtle by displaying just the icon or maybe you want to go full throttle and present examples of reviews that have been posted. Below are examples you may choose from:

To implement these badges, go to the plugins tab within your SureCritic dashboard. Copy the code beneath the badge you want to use and add it to any page on your website! Voilà!


To uncover your business’ true strength of reviews, use the Testimonial widget to show your readers what your actual customers are saying about your services. There’s no filters with this widget, these recent reviews are straight from your BRP. You can add this widget within the same plugins tab in your administrator portal.

See this document for detailed information about icon, badge, and widget options for your website. If you need any assistance please feel free to reach out to us at!