How to Add SureCritic Reviews on Facebook

Ahhh good ol’ social media. Can’t go a day without it! It helps you connect to your customers and learn a lot about them! Social media is also a game changer in the SEO world as your network shares their reviews. Do you want to take it a step further? You have your best practices down pat; your page has never looked better… what’s missing?

I know! You can display your SureCritic customer reviews on your Facebook page. Mind. Blown.

Now you can enrich the content of your Facebook Page by adding the SureCritic Reviews, Facebook App. If your business currently has a SureCritic Business Review Page and a Facebook page, you can add a Reviews Menu item!

For instructions on how to install the SureCritic Application on your Facebook Page click on this link, or just type in “surecritic” in the search section of your Facebook page and select SureCritic from the app section. Voila!