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Why you should add Employee Profiles to your Business Listing

Do you notice how often your employees get mentioned by a customer in the reviews and surveys you receive? Do your employees know how often their name pops up in reviews? At SureCritic, we believe that not only is it important for your employees to see the feedback they receive, but for your prospective customers to get to know your employees too. Create customer confidence and trust by featuring your employees with SureCritic’s Employee Profiles.

90% of vehicle owners say reviews play a role when choosing a new auto repair shop. 

Reviews are a customer's way of gaining hundreds of opinions quickly and validating their trust in a business. Those customers want to trust the people they are bringing their business to.

Employee Profiles are individual pages on your SureCritic Premium Business Listing for staff such as frontline personnel, service writers, owners, managers, technicians, etc. The profiles feature a photo, position title, a custom bio, the business rating, a contact form plus any reviews specific to that employee. 

Iphone screen of employee Robert Demmoe, featuring a image, about section, and review

But maybe you’re thinking, why does my service writer need a profile? Does anyone care?

Short answer: yes. 

Automotive is one of the most researched industries according to a 2020 Bright Local study. And, unfortunately, one of the least trusted. A AAA survey uncovered that two out of three US drivers do not trust auto repair shops in general. 

Most vehicle-owners are extra cautious when it comes to new repair shops, with fears of being overcharged or being sold a repair they might not need. Whether or not you like it, your shop is facing this exact scrutiny.

Prospective customers are seeking validation and good experiences from recent customers before they put their trust, and their dollars, in a company. But there is only so much you can tell from general reviews. Employee Profiles offer a new level of transparency to the customer-employee relationship. It speaks volumes when your shop's manager has great reviews that mention them by name, thanking them for the care and service. Or when your service writer has multiple reviews that say they always take the time to explain issues thoroughly so you understand what they’re doing and why. Paired with being verified, these reviews build trust in your business service before they even speak to you. 

72% of vehicle owners agree they trust online reviews more when they are from verified customers.

Aside from the customer, your business stands to benefit from the profiles. Many shops will notice an increase in website traffic and brand impressions from SEO-friendly pages and name searches. (Learn more about how SEO works here)  Employees now have a page they can use to promote themselves and can easily see their individual praise or feedback. Having their own page makes them more active in their, and the businesses, reputation.

Plus, prospective customers are not the only people reading your reviews. Prospective employees read reviews too. No one wants to work for a company with terrible people and terrible reviews, so attract top talent by supporting their future coworkers and set a standard of excellence by their reviews.

We at SureCritic are committed to supporting your entire business, down to each individual employee. Create customer confidence and build a better business when you highlight your staff with verified customer reviews on the new employee profiles. 

Adding employee profiles is easy for SureCritic customers. Reach out to support if you need assistance. For non-customers, talk to a SureCritic rep today.