6 Guidelines for Replying to Positive Reviews

The people have spoken! Our 8 Rules for Replying to Reviews was so popular customers are asking for more and we are happy to oblige! The previous blog mainly focused on how to respond to negative reviews, but in true SureCritic fashion, we cannot forget about all the other types of reviews! The following is a list on how to respond to positive reviews. Yes, there are some good tips to pick up for cheerful reviews as well!

1. Reinforce the positives

Thank the customer for taking the time to leave a review and highlight their personal experience. Tailoring your response to the customer shows you know who they are and it deepens the business-customer connection.

2. Ask what you can do better

The positive tone has already been set and creates a “safe space” to offer suggestions. Cheerful customers can give constructive feedback knowing they will be heard and you can find ways to make your happy customers happier!

3. Add a helpful plug

The focus is on the reviewer’s experience, but this can also be a great time to mention a special or service they may not have known about previously or one that could be taken advantage of. Or if you are just in a giving mood!

4. Share, share, share!

Give a nudge to your SEO by sharing the review not only on social channels and your website, but also to your employees. Everyone likes hearing about delighted customers knowing they took part in that merriment and are a part of a company that receives positivity.

5. The whole world is watching – a necessary repeat

Just like with negative reviews, it is important to remember you’re in the public domain. Though you’re responding to a positive review, even optimistic words can enter grey areas.

6. Use SEO keywords

Reviews boost your SEO because they naturally include keywords related to your business. But! This is also a great opportunity for you to aid your SEO as well! Mentioning your own business in your reply is a great way to do this. “Our team here at (enter business) …” or “Thanks for choosing (enter business) …”

But hey, don’t overdo it you know? No one likes the guy that rants and raves about their services at every chance they get.