5 Reasons Tourists Love Reviews

Whether it is to the next city over or across the country, tourists rely heavily on reviews to have the best experience possible. Not to mention receive elite service if they have a hiccup in their plans!

Act like a local

I don’t know about you, but when I go somewhere new, I want the “local experience” I can go to Chipotle at home, I want the real (insert city) deal. I want the best pizza in New York or Chicago. Not the $5 deal from Little Caesar’s. Reviews help tourists find the best location for that “local” feel. With previous customers’ feedback, tourists gain a good idea of what to expect and how they will be treated.

Judge a business easily

Similar to above, with reviews, customers will know what to expect. Tourists have their priorities set, if they need a hotel for the night regardless of quality, reviews will allow them to gauge the quality they will receive. If a tourist is very particular about their bed sheets, Hotel reviews could convey that the beds have 220-thread count, organic cotton that are like sleeping in clouds.

Ensure all their needs are met

Setbacks happen when it comes to plans (unfortunately for the type-A people out there). Reading the reviews about local car repair shops, for instance, can help the evaluate the best business their minor inconvenience and get back on the road quickly.

Get the most out of their vacation

Tourists can find the best place efficiently thanks to reviews. They don’t even have to leave their bed before they know what theme park is the most kid-friendly and has the biggest bang-for-your-buck wine.

Find their place every return

Return customers are not just in your area! Tourists can become return customers as well. Tourists could eventually become locals or a return customer if one visits an area frequently. Someone may have that one spa they will always go back to – and let others know about it too!