4 Ways Reviews Affect SEO

One of the key methods being pushed in the age of digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There is no denying that SEO is an extremely useful tool when generating traffic and leads for your business. It is also undeniable how reviews impact your organization. Ensuring these two notions align will boost your online traffic and guide customers to your website. Studies show that review signals account for 9.8% of the total ranking factors, proving that reviews should not be overlooked.

Fresh relevant content

When it comes to SEO, one can never have enough content. The more content, the better. Consistent incoming reviews, by nature, are fresh content. Customers speaking about your business cannot write about their experience without including words describing the nature of your business as well as the name of your business specifically. This user-generated content will be more influential to your SEO as well as future customers.

Sites are optimized through basic attributes

Basic attributes such as keywords, titles, back-links, and internal links optimize sites for search engines. As mentioned above, the industry and business specific keywords stated in those reviews are vital to your SEO. Those will be the exact words incorporated in a search conducted by a potential customer.

 Naturally rank your site for long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are 3+ words bound together in an effort to rank higher than the competition. The specific keywords in your reviews can also be considered long-tail keywords. Stay ahead of the competition by increasing the keywords your website is ranked for with reviews.

 Reviews boost social SEO

Naturally, the reviews on your business review page (BRP) are shared across social networks as your website is shared or customers post their feedback themselves. As discussed above, sites are optimized for SEO through different types of links. Signaling at 18.3% of total ranking factors, social sharing is a huge factor when it comes to SEO. Allowing your customers to talk online about their loyalty to your business can go viral — make sure they have the opportunity to do so!